Shuaiying ’Shane’ Hou — Game Designer and Programmer based in the UK

Fragments of You

Fragments of you is a first-person narrative driven game in which the player takes the role of a child having a nightmare, and spends the game trying to cope with their loss of their recently deceased mother. A representation of the child’s mother speaks to the player and instructs them to find objects in the dream that are significant to the child, and finding each one has the effect of calming the child down each time.

The game takes place in the child’s bedroom, which starts off twisted and warped in a nightmarish sense, but eventually becomes normal as the child moves through each stage of loss.

ForA Boy And His Nightmares RoleModeling, Programming, Lighting Design

Room – Night

Room – Day

Nightmare – Denial

Denial – Inside of The Wardrobe

Nightmare – Anger

Anger – Cave view

Nightmare – Bargaining

Nightmare – Depression

Nightmare – Acceptance

Room – Wake Up

Room – Wake Up


Level Denial – Mesh with Wireframe

Level Denial – White Box

Level Denial – White Box