Shuaiying ’Shane’ Hou — Game Designer and Programmer based in the UK

Game Corp Simulator 2016


Game Corp Simulator 2016 was made for Global Game Jam 2016, and the theme was “Ritual”. In China, lots of game companies order their employees work overtime to make progress. For the worse case, employees have to work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week for over six months. This game is a satire of this terrible industry atmosphere.

In this game, the player has to hire and sacrifice their workers to make a game. They will fail eventually if sacrificed too many people, or made a big game with an inexperienced producer, just like how these Chinese game companies fail in real life.

Game Corp Simulator 2016 was awarded the Winner’s Prize of Global Game Jam 2016 China Area from Indie Ace.

ForA Game Company Simulator (Not Really) RoleGame Designer, Programmer, Writer
DateFebruary, 2016 Global Game Jam


Choose Project Length

Choose Game Engine

Project Length, Game Type, Game Engine… All These Choices Will Affect Final Costs

You Need To Hire Workers, Sacrifice Them To Make Progress

And… If You Don’t Finish Your Game In Time, This Is What It Will Happen…

Inevitable Bankrupt Happens

Work Harder Next Time!