Shuaiying ’Shane’ Hou — Game Designer and Programmer based in the UK

[GreenLit] Sly Slime


Sly Slime is a stealth shooter made for Ludum Dare 33. The gameplay is based on stealth mechanism. Player hide in darkness with limited view range. However, there will be a flash of lightning every 10 seconds. The player will be compromised under lightning, and be chased by enemies.

Sly Slime reached top 15% of whole Ludum Dare 33 jam entries.

DateAugust 21st, 2015 ForA Stealth Top-Down Shooter
RoleGame Designer, Programmer, Technical Artist Download
Ludum Dare

Concept Art Of Player Character – Slime

Playthrough Video

Final Rank Out of 1526 Entries

Player Hide In Darkness

Player Compromised, Shoot By Enemies

Paper Prototype

Basic Level Design On Paper