Shuaiying ’Shane’ Hou — Game Designer and Programmer based in the UK

Subject 002


A text-based game about “authority and obey” made with Unity3D in 24 hours for Shanghai Game Jam 2014.

There are four endings in the game based on different player actions. Instead of awkwardly let the player choose an option like “kill the subject or not”, players make the decision by each and every action they performed in the game.

The Milgram Experiment inspired the main idea of the game. To my surprise, the vast majority of players chose to torture the subject to death in the game, just as what people did in the Milgram Experiment.

It is hard to resist wills from the authorities not only in this game, but also in real life.

ForA text-based game about “authority and obey” RoleGame Designer, Programmer, Writer
DateOctober 17th, 2014