Shuaiying ’Shane’ Hou — Game Designer and Programmer based in the UK

JaJa's Bizarre Transformer [Ludum Dare 35 - Rank 66 Overall]


JaJa’s Bizarre Transformer is a game jam project made for Ludum Dare 35, and the theme was “Shapeshift”. The game is a 2D bullet hell shooter. The major difference is, player’s bullets will bounce when they hit walls, the player itself makes most bullets on screen. So players must be careful shooting or bullets shot from own might hit them.

The player also needs to switch between different forms against different kinds of enemies. The player needs to use the ultimate form to absorb bullets to have longer mouth cannon duration.

Jaja’s Bizarre Transformer ranked 17th in the “Humour” category, 43rd in the “Fun” category, 81st in the “Graphics” category, and 66th in the “Overall” category, which means it reached top 4% of all 1594 entries.

ForBullet Hell With An Interesting Twist RoleGame Designer, Programmer, Animator
DateApril 18th, 2016 Download
Ludum Dare

Game Logo & Main Menu

Playthrough Video

Final rank out of 1594 jam entries.

Bullets will bounce when hit walls, this makes the major difference.

Game Mode Selection, A Tribute To id Software’s Wolfenstein 3D.

Ultimate Mouth Cannon

Animation Before Ultimate Skill

Day 1 – Basic Gameplay, Scene Structure

Day 2 – Boss Fight, Artwork, Skills

Day 3 – Animations, Post Effects, Bug Fixes, Music & SE

Main Character Design

Main Character Design – Using JoJo Pose As Reference

Second Form Of Main Character – Also Using JoJo Pose As Reference

The Ultimate Form Of Main Character

Final Boss